Highly responsive research technology and world class research expertise combine to ensure you get the kind of real actionable insight that leads to business improvement.

Direct feedback

Listen to and act on what your customers think and feel about your products and services

Richer customer relationships

Get to know your customers over time and gain a deeper understanding of their likes, needs and motivations

Monitor and improve

Capture, understand and act on customer feedback to improve the customer experience across all touchpoints

Share insights

See insight delivered directly to your desktop and share the ‘so what’ with your entire organisation

Robust, flexible and secure research platform

Built specifically for researchers, our online research tools were developed inhouse and have been tested and improved over time. Over the past ten years we have run over 3,500 surveys, received over 3,000,000 responses, in many different languages and have run what we believe to be NZ’s largest online survey (after the census), to over 400,000 households – a survey containing more than 3,000 images.

Online research tools

Easy to use and a great experience for your customers

Our research platform is as easy to use as it is powerful. From simple, quick and visual to sophisticated, multi-lingual and logic heavy – our system can do it. With custom branding, you’ll make your customers feel at home. Plus our powerful mobile survey engine ensures surveys are delivered on the device your customers are most comfortable with.

Every interaction with our research platform is intuitive, interactive, simple and visually engaging

Online qualitative research

Use real customer input, stories and organic discussion driven ideas to develop successful strategies and projects. Gather qualitative information on specific topics quickly and efficiently and give your customers a fun and engaging experience that’s easy to design and moderate.

Get ongoing insight in real-time delivered to your desktop

Reporting and analytics that will transform your business

Share research results easily and efficiently and transform your business into a knowledgable, empowered organisation that understands and anticipates the needs of its customers.

Collect information in multiple ways, make it easily accessible and deliver answers and insight. Filtering, banners, building reports, cross tabbing, recoding, top level views, exporting data, linking reports and publishing to PowerPoint are all achieved with the touch of a button.

Customer experience management (CEM)

Make ongoing improvements to how your customers experience your brand or service. Our powerful customer experience management tool will help you monitor and act on live customer feedback across all services at a glance.

Use results to help monitor performance against KPIs, report these metrics, and identify (and act upon) opportunities to improve services and fix issues.

Discover what’s truly important to your customers and bring their perspective to every decision your company makes. You’ll identify your fans and understand why they love you. It is all about improvement.