Buzz CX programmes empower staff to use customer experience feedback to actively improve service processes and become more customer focussed

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Using customer feedback to drive continuous improvement

The way you deal with customers impacts their trust and confidence in council. Buzz CX programmes enable councils to easily gather ongoing service feedback from customers and view it in real time. Powerful online dashboards empower staff to turn CX data into rapid, focused improvement, responding quickly to customer needs and over time embedding a culture of continuous improvement across the organisation.

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Live dynamic online reporting and action tools

Highly responsive and configurable dashboard reporting plus built in action tools keep staff continuously focussed on what they can do to improve customer experience. Easily identify what matters most to customers and take action.

The ability to act on CX data is key. It allows councils to respond quickly to customer feedback, leading to improved council services and reputation.

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“Buzz Channel have been running our Customer Experience Monitor (CEM) programme since 2016. Starting off with 3 divisions, the programme has now expanded to cover eight divisions and we anticipate further growth to encompass more of council’s services. The customer experience measure has become a key metric for the organisation and is helping us to achieve our goal of significantly improving customer experience for all Aucklanders. The team at Buzz Channel have a clear understanding of our business needs and the way we operate which in turn translates into outstanding service and a great working relationship.”
– Wendy Filip, Principal Citizen & Customer Engagement Specialist, Auckland Council

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