We’re specialists in customer engagement research. That means we use our skills and experience in community engagement and market research to turn customer feedback ‘noise’ into genuine business intelligence.

Together we’ll uncover powerful insights that would otherwise have been lost, so you can better understand your communities and partner with them to co-create value and develop more effective products and services.

We help organisations understand what their communities and customers need and value by:

Exploring attitudes and values through qualitative research (descriptive and subjective)

Measuring these perceptions through quantitative research (numeric and objective)

Delivering insight based on smart interpretation and analysis tools

We’ll help you:

Design effective community services and policies based on your community’s values, needs and priorities, described in their own words

Deliver a richer, more engaging customer experience and build brand loyalty

Make better business decisions based on customer intelligence

Develop, measure and improve marketing and advertising campaigns

Understand the complex relationships between product pricing and customer attitudes and behaviours

Test new product and service ideas

Build a confident, knowledgeable and empowered organisation by sharing key insights in real time and across all teams

Futureproof your business by understanding who your customers are and what drives them

Whatever your brand, business or organisation wants to achieve, we’ll help you get there by connecting you with your customers and communities, helping you listen to and understand them, so you can make better decisions, create beautiful products and develop more effective services.

Some of our research specialties include:

Social policy research

Exploring community needs, testing policy concepts, understanding what communities value

Usage & attitude research

Understanding who’s using your products and services, how they’re using them and why

Satisfaction & customer value

Your services rated, along with underlying factors driving their perceptions

Concept testing

Testing and refining new ideas, products, services and strategies to measure their ability to meet your customers’ needs

Advertising testing

Measuring and improving marketing effectiveness

Pricing evaluation

How product pricing affects customer attitudes and behaviour

Opinion polling

Survey public opinion


Understand your customer groups and how they differ in terms of their profile and motivations

Whether you’re after a sub two hour quick turnaround field test, a multistage complex segmentation or choice modelling exercise, or anything in between, we have the skills to help you.