Bringing decision makers and communities together through genuine engagement helps shape effective public policy and ensure more sound democratic decisions

We’ll help you to genuinely listen to and understand your community’s needs, values and aspirations so that you can create closer relationships, build trust and work together to develop effective policies and decisions.

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Get a full picture of your community’s strengths, assets, issues, needs and aspirations

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Build positive relationships by encouraging cooperation and understanding of each other’s point of view

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Ensure all have an active role in decision-making, so the ultimate decision is more informed, accepted and sustainable

We’ll help you achieve this by

Designing engagement and consultation processes that meet the needs of stakeholders, decision-makers and the law

Using a wide range of innovative and effective engagement processes to bring communities into your decision-making

Analysing community views to get to the real issues and needs

Working with project teams and decision-makers to ensure that these needs are thoroughly understood and can be used to improve the final decision

Actively guiding our client organisations in building their own capacity and capability for effective community engagement

In ten years we’ve worked with public sector organisations to conduct hundreds of public engagement projects, heard the views of tens of thousands of stakeholders and analysed and reported large volumes of feedback, often on very emotive, complex and/or controversial issues.

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