buzzthepeople is our very own online research panel and New Zealand’s
best quality source of market research participants

Measure customer value

Learn what drives satisfaction

Understand attitudes about your business or brand

Test the appeal of your concepts and plans before you execute them

See an objective view of your place in the market

Putting your customer’s voice at the heart of your decision
making is crucial to business success

Get the objective proof you need to inform your plans, campaigns and decisions, take the right action and elevate your performance.

Listen to and grow your understanding of your customers, anywhere and on any device. Share real-time feedback easily and effectively with every team in your organisation and build an informed, proactive and empowered organisation.

Conduct online surveys, online discussions
or focus groups to suit your needs

Access to a diverse range of New Zealanders

A high quality research panel is one that is representative of the population.

Our unique panel sourcing and incentivisation model overcomes limitations sometimes associated with research panels because members don’t just join purely for the cash and prizes offered. We give panellists the opportunity to donate their points to support a charity, school or community group, and almost half of our panellists choose to do so.

This allows us to access a much broader cross section of the population than people who would ordinarily be interested in completing surveys for money, or ‘ full-time panellists’. We get a range of people – people who are connected to their community, responsive, and from all walks of life.

Your customers will enjoy the experience, you’ll get the insight you need

Every interaction with our research platform is intuitive, interactive, simple and visually engaging.

Your customers will enjoy completing surveys optimised on any device, plus you’ll get the insight you need from a quality process where participants are fully engaged.

How buzzthepeople works

Our panel is very responsive and our internal processes enable us to offer very quick turnaround if you need it – we’ve been able to manage sub-24 hour turnaround in some circumstances

We only field surveys to buzzthepeople that are hosted by us. We can develop and design your survey from start to finish, or work with you to set up your own questionnaire up in our system.

We do not promote products or services to our panel, sell lists or do any advertising. It is definitely research only.

Where you have tricky or large sample requirements, we act as lead panel supplier, with your permission, and work with other reputable panel companies to meet your requirements.

We’ll help identify who you need to reach and survey. Need to talk to people who live in a certain area, have thought about selling a house, have bought a certain brand, or participated in a particular sport? Leave it to us.