Need help crunching the numbers? We’ll process, synthesise, analyse and interpret all kinds of data and convert it into real actionable insight

Whether it’s in a database or spreadsheet or thousands of hand written notes or feedback forms or emails or meeting minutes or buried deep within endless threads of social media – we’ll serve it up as smart useful insight.

Your consultation process has generated 10,000 submissions? Let us help you process and understand them. We provide a complete and seamless analysis and reporting service so you can do as little or as much as you want. Let us step in where you need it.

Analysis and reporting

You’ve got your data, or survey feedback, but what do you do with it? Give us your data or random scribbles, we love it! We’ll process it, sort it, compile it, understand it and turn it into a story about real people you can use to drive informed decisions.

Data entry & coding

We’ll do the legwork, inputting all your data and turning it into themes and trends that can identify need and help you provide effective services.

Statistical analysis

Uncovering your research gold. Using complex, robust analytical and statistical techniques, we’ll hunt down patterns and trends that form a picture of real human behaviours that would have otherwise remained hidden.

Desk research

Need some background intelligence or a literature review? This is a fully customisable service, just tell us what you’re looking for.

Get the crucial insights you need from your research project and deliver it on time by getting us to help where you need it

And, if you really want to get technical and talk about multivariate analysis, co-linear regression or choice models, we speak your language.

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