Staff engagement for supercharged customer experience

Happy customers, healthy profits The idea that happy customers directly impact the bottom line is now well established. Improved customer experience has been proven to inspire repeat custom, reduce customer attrition, and increase retention and referrals [1] (and at a [...]

20th September, 2017|

You Are Not Starbucks

For private healthcare providers looking for customer experience feedback it pays not to model yourselves on a fast food outlet... Allied Health providers need to ask more than Net Promoter Score to achieve real improvement in your patient’s experience. The [...]

17th May, 2017|

How to create customer service ninjas that care?

How do you really empower customer service staff to take action, make that call, resolve that issue and consistently do the things that lead to good experiences for customers? And to do it genuinely, embracing a human-to-human (H2H) approach. In [...]

27th February, 2017|

Renters left in the cold

Mouldy homes aren’t healthy homes. See this Newshub story based on our latest research: http://www.newshub.co.nz/nznews/mouldy-rental-homes-a-big-problem-2016071816

20th July, 2016|

How creative can a researcher be?

Most of us believe that only certain people are creative. These creative types are often broadly categorised by either who they are (i.e. musicians, artists, etc.) or what they do (i.e. graphic design, marketing, etc.). As it turns out, and [...]

13th June, 2016|

Research for Smart Content Marketing

Traditional paid marketing is on a downward trend as consumers have the ability to select what they see, ignore banners and increasingly implement technology to block ads. Meanwhile content marketing - combining high quality content with a strong creative strategy [...]

5th April, 2016|