Hamilton City Council introduces a new customer point of service survey tool using Buzz Channel’s Customer Experience Management (CEM) programme.

Hamilton is New Zealand’s largest inland city with a rapidly growing population of more than 160,000 people. The Council’s wide range of services are relied on by ratepayers, residents, other customers and visitors. Those services include building consents, animal control, maintaining libraries, parks and museums, and much more.

As part of its commitment to be Best in Business, responsive and customer focussed, the Council is looking to put the voice of the customer at the heart of what it does. The goal is to always respond in a timely and effective manner, and to use customer feedback to design better services and improve service delivery.

The Council wanted a proven, innovative system that delivers real-time customer feedback on the experience of interacting with council services. Whether the interaction is a public enquiry, a paid for service or an experience with a Council facility such as a park or library, the Council aimed to improve the way it heard customers’ feedback and takes action where necessary.

In particular, the Council was looking for a system that:

  • Enables Hamilton City Council to ask for feedback at the point of service- making it easy for customers to give their ratings and share their experiences
  • Delivers customer feedback to the Council in real-time to allow staff to take action bringing the organisation’s focus back to the customer
  • Allows the Council to create a range of surveys for different parts of the organisation, so that feedback is gathered in a way that is tailored to the type of interaction
  • Provides best practice guidance on questions, to get it right the first time and ask about the right things

So the Council has chosen to work with Buzz Channel to implement a new customer point of service survey tool across the organisation over the next year.

Buzz Channel is very excited to be working with the Council and helping it meet its needs.

“We looked around and talked to a number of people and found that Buzz Channel had the right mix of people, tools and experience for us. Their expertise in developing Customer Experience Management programmes for councils is really obvious, and we are looking forward to a successful partnership.” – Julie Clausen, Programme Manager Strategy, Hamilton City Council

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