We believe the more you listen to and understand your customers, and work alongside them to co-create solutions that work, the more your business will succeed.

We help our clients build powerful connections with their customers in order to make better business decisions. Over the past 13 years Buzz Channel has established itself as one of New Zealand’s leading customer research and community engagement consultancies.

By combining specialist research expertise with world class technology, we provide complete solutions to help you engage with and understand your customers in a way that informs and directs business success. We love to see companies and organisations we work with succeed, helping to inspire loyalty for your products and services, and to do your best work. By bringing you closer to your customers and knowing what’s important to them, we’ll help you get there.

Our team


Helen Brocklehurst
General Manager

I’m naturally analytical by nature, and its details that interest me. Working with clients early on I realised that I couldn’t just see data, but that interesting details would jump out at me. It just seemed to gel. I enjoy taking data and weaving it into meaningful stories, making sense of it and feeding it back into a business. That’s where we bring real value and bring customers closer.


Grace Meikle
Customer Experience Client Manager

I oversee our ongoing customer experience programmes, and am involved in a range of projects across the business. Combining research and the technical side of things is where I excel, so finding out new things, creating systems, and keeping things on track comes naturally to me. I love working with a variety of clients, managing projects, and ensuring that they’re delivered to a consistently high standard.


Owen Mayall
Research Analyst

Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in research, I run Buzz Channel’s analysis. Working with the raw data, I find patterns, see what might be missing, and what stands out. Using a range of analytical techniques, I identify themes, groups and segments and pull out the pertinent findings. What I enjoy most is when you find an insight in the data, which our client acts on, and you see the benefits they reap.


Nikki Kilgallon
Office Manager

I manage the Buzz accounts and make sure the office is running smoothly. Keeping things orderly and well managed is a key part of my job, and one I enjoy.

Our Network

We work in close partnership with the following businesses and organisations to bring a depth of expertise and services to our customers.

Blue logo for the Digital Insight Network, a global research association for digital insight agencies.

We’re founding members of international research network Digital Insight Network, who share international best practice in digital and agile insight solutions.

Cemplicity customer engagement management logo. The letters CEM are in light blue and the letters PLICITY are in light grey.

Through our sister company we offer specialist Customer Engagement Management tools and expertise.

Bright purple and orange logo of the International Association for public participation.

We’re committed to promoting and improving the practice of public participation and community engagement.

Green logo of the Research Association of New Zealand. With black text and a white honeycomb icon in the top right hand corner with one of the top left sections of the honeycomb filled in in grey.

Proud members of Research Association NZ, a community of providers and users of research and insights.